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By Daniel Giles

Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club, Harvard University, USA

A little girl must be made to realize that she is not actually a little girl.  Her parents must choose to save either their marriage or their family.  A scientist must make an unthinkable sacrifice in order to cause an impossible transformation.  Based on true events, CryHurtFood is a new monster story about a chimpanzee who believes that she is a person, and what happens when the people who raised her to think so decide that she is not.

Thanks: Adriana Colon, Anne McGrath, Brianne Holland-Stergar, Bryce Gilfillian, David Orama, Debbie and Jazmine McTaggart, Ellsworth Fersch, Michael Griggs, Holly Kendrick, James Lamont, Joey Kim, Marit Medefind, our kind hosts in Weston-super-Mare, our families, Scott Ziggler, Shana Wiggins, Sophie George-Moore, Stephen Tardif, Steven Atkinson, the Harvard Office for the Arts, the Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club, the ISDF Selectors, the ISDF Technical and FOH Teams, Tom Kane, Vanessa Koo.

Cast and Crew

Jane – Georgina Parfitt

Maurice – Ben Lorenz

Janis – Margaret Kerr

Lucy – Mariel Pettee

Annabel – Scout O’Beirne

Alex – Sam Clark


Producers – Joshua McTaggart, Marit Medefind, Bryce Gilfillian

Director – Daniel Giles

Writer – Daniel Giles

Assistant Director – Margaret Kerr

Choreographer – Mariel Pettee

Designer – Christopher Wankel

Lighting Designer – Gabrielle Walti

Sound Designer – Daniel Giles

Stage Manager – David Orama

Deputy Stage Manager – Joshua McTaggart

Assistant Stage Manager – John Pulice

Photo Credit: Meryl Natow (poster); Anne McGrath (photo)


Performance Schedule

26/06/2012 20:40 Crucible
27/06/2012 18:00 Crucible