NSDF Festival Company

17 December 2018

Festival Company Director Peter Bradley shares his thoughts on the Festival Company. 


Hello! I have no idea who you are yet, but I want you to be in our NSDF Company. This is a big deal. It means that absolutely, undeniably, for at least one night of the year this year we saw you being stone cold brilliant. Chances are you’re brilliant most other times of the year too, but it’s already a good reason to bring you all together for a week, right?

I’m telling you you’re brilliant because I don’t think it gets said enough to brilliant young people. This is why NSDF is important. It’s a celebration of you. It will give you the confidence and experience to find out more about the person you would like to be.

I went to NSDF as a student 5 years ago with a love of making theatre but no real sense or belief that I could ever even start to do that professionally. ‘Theatre Director’ felt like one of those made up job titles alongside ‘Astronaut’ and ‘Professional Footballer’ that were done by people who weren’t ever going to be me. It was the engagement with such a deep body of ideas and stories at NSDF that gave me the confidence and inspiration to want to make more theatre, and to make it outside the world of university. 

Those ideas and stories came from different conversations that I had there – coming into contact with industry professionals helped me believe it was absolutely possible to work in theatre, but it was talking and working with everyone else I met at NSDF that confirmed that I really really wanted to. NSDF is the only place I found anything like that as a student. So you should definitely go.

AND in addition to all the shows, the workshops, the writing, the socialising and the learning you’ll get, because you’re in the NSDF Company you get special extras. I’m here to help start those conversations with you.

There’s going to be enough of you in the NSDF Company for us to build a gang. And with that gang, over the week, we’re going to make something new together. Then we’re going to knock it down again. We’ll learn how to be creatively generous to each other, and we’ll learn how to generate our own heat. This will involve bringing nothing into the week but yourselves. So you’re already super qualified for this.

I am INORDINATELY excited about it.

Being a part of the NSDF Company this year also means that I’ll be there as a point of contact for you from the beginning to the end of the week. My mission is to be as useful to you as possible. I’m going to spend the week starting conversations with you. I’m going to ask you questions, and I’m going to try my best to answer yours. You officially have me as a mentor. I’m going to ignore all official guidance on caffeine intake and go for as many individual coffees with you all as you’d like. Because you’re brilliant and I’ve got your back.

See you at the festival!

Peter Bradley