Shows & Stats

1 December 2016

Michael looks at the show entries so far...

Amongst the 97 shows who have entered so far, there is an incredible number of new pieces….46 new plays plus a devised clown show, a new comedy show and one new musical.

Shows about; gender and what is to be a woman with dance and live music, a warring family set in a night club with a house band; two young women working as secretaries for Hitler; life long best friends who will always need each other; lonliness in old age, people suffering from agoraphobia, alcoholism and transphobia; a daughter leaving behind a mother who is bipolar; what it is to be female in the modern world and a man’s addiction to the internet.

How do we choose the shows at the festival? Well, put simply we choose the shows which we think are the best we’ve seen - whatever the subject, whatever the genre or however difficult they might be to restage at the festival.

What is so fascinating at the end of the Selection Day; is the list of selected shows looks like we‘ve programmed a range of work to maintain variety and scale at the festival. We haven’t. The list could well end up being 12 shows; all with two actors and a chair. Or all plays from the 1990’s…and potentially given their popularity; only plays by Philip Ridley and Simon Stephens!

As it is, the past four festivals we’ve had (prepare for stats)…19 new plays, 3 new musicals, 1 adaptation, 17 published plays and 6 book musicals.

There are 24 shopping days to Christmas and 78 days to go to the last day we can see a show…17th February. Selection Day is 19th February.

Please keep the entries coming and remember, whatever it is and however short - we’d love to see it - a dance piece, a new play, an opera, a new musical or a play by Simon Stephens (or Philip Ridley). 

And if you have friends who are making work and don’t know about us, please point them in our direction.

We love brave, new, original, political, social and shows that are pure fun. Enter your show here

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