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Date / Time: Tuesday 27th | 2pm

Duration: 2 hours

Practitioner: Nina Segal

Experimenting with Form in contemporary playwriting


This workshop will explore the concept of form in contemporary playwriting, using examples from plays, texts and performance art to investigate the ways non-traditional form can interact with an audience - what it offers them, what it asks of them, and what the rules of the engagement might be.



Nina Segal is a playwright and theatre-maker.  Productions include: Big Guns (Yard Theatre, 2017; upcoming German-language translation); In The Night Time (Before The Sun Rises) (Gate Theatre, 2016; Teatro Belli, 2017; Atlantic Theater's Amplified Series, 2018); and Danger Signals (New Ohio, 2017/18).  Currently in residence with the Bush Theatre/Project 2036.