Apply for the Technical Team

Being on the Tech Team will give you an intensive introduction to, and training in, whatever aspect of technical design/management you’re interested in, and we’ll make sure that you attend workshops with leading industry figures in your areas of interest. No experience is necessary - full training will be given - although if you have some experience, you’ll likely be given a role with more responsibilities.

The deadline for application is 30th November. We will be in touch shortly after that with the outcome of your application.

When you are not on shift you will have access to all the performances, workshops, discussions and events. We draw up a rota that allows you to take part in as much of the Festival as possible.

This is a voluntary role and we subsidise most of your costs at the Festival. If you are a Leicester resident, we ask you to pay £24 towards the cost of being at the Festival. If you don't live in Leicester we ask you to pay £100, and we will provide your accommodation. We provide lunch and dinner for everyone from Friday 23rd to Friday 30th. You do not need to pay anything now, succesful applicants will be contacted about this after November 30th. There is a small pot of bursary money available to help those who can't afford these contributions. More info about our Technical Team pricing can be found here.

This form does not auto-save. We strongly recommend completing your answers for Section 3 in a word processing document and copying them in.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Joseph Schofield ([email protected]/020 7036 9028).