Festival Bursaries


We are so very grateful to the Arts Patrons’ Trust for an extremely generous donation. This year, thanks to the Arts Patrons' Trust, NSDF will be providing bursaries for one hundred free festival tickets, to those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford to come to the Festival. 

We are also able to cut the price of tickets for all members of the Management, Technical and Noises Off Teams. A ticket for anyone who is accepted as part of these vital Festival Teams (and invaluable learning experiences) will now be half price. (£60 reduced from £120)

You can read all about our NSDF 19 Bursary Programe here. 



Clive Wolfe was Director of the Festival 1970 to 2000 and Festival President until his passing in 2014. The bursary is for someone (aged 18 to 25) who wants to gain experience in Theatre Administration and Producing. The fund is part of a collection made at Clive's funeral and we are very grateful to Pat Wolfe and to all who contributed.

The Bursary: A financial contribution made towards living expenses while undertaking a 2-week internship at a professional producing theatre. 

The Programme might include:

  • Shadowing and assisting an Executive Producer.
  • Assisting the Press and Marketing Manager.
  • Learning about Fundraising.
  • Reading scripts.
  • Meetings with members of staff including time with Artistic Director with reference to programming.
  • Attendance at a read through/dress rehearsal/observation during technical rehearsals and any other events going on.


If you have any questions about applying for a bursary please email [email protected]