Festival Company

The Festival Company is by invitation only. 

The company are actors, directors and writers who the Selection Team think are particularly impressive when they saw their show.  We invite everyone recommended by the Selection Team whose shows ended up not being chosen on Selection Day. 


The company was the most enjoyable part as it meant I could make connections and friendships with people around the country who I have since agreed to make theatre with in the future.                                                                          

Festival Company Member | NSDF Survey 2018 


The Festival Company see all the shows, participate in all the events, choose the workshops they want and, in a new initiative this year, work each day with the Festival Director and a number of our selectors to rehearse for a showcase that will be presented at the end of the week. This year The Festival Company performed Sarah Kane's 4.48 Psychosis. 

These opportunities will not just be for actors. Writers that are recommended for the Company will be mentored in preparing texts for the showcase, directors will lead on directing the showcase etc.

4.48 Pyschosis, 2018