Festival Company


What is the Festival Company?

The Festival Company is designed to reward and assist those people working in and on shows who we think are special talents. It is by invitation only. 

We want to find a way of recognising and helping the particularly brilliant young people who we feel could benefit greatly from NSDF.

So all of our selectors keep notes on those who have individually impressed them the most, in order to invite them to join the annual NSDF Company.

This year the Festival Company will be led by Peter Bradley, Resident Director at the Royal Shakespeare Company and NSDF Selector, with a team of top theatre professionals at his side.

This means that each Company Member uniquely has a specific point of contact and mentoring throughout the Festival, as well as special Festival Company workshops and classes.

We have big plans for our Festival Company 2020, so please check back for more information on this. 


The company was the most enjoyable part as it meant I could make connections and friendships with people around the country who I have since agreed to make theatre with in the future. Festival Company Member | NSDF 18 


NSDF can be a life changing week. Selector and Theatre Maker Chris Thorpe has written a blog that explains why: 5 Reasons You Should Go To NSDF. 


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