nsdf lab 


Applications for Stage One of NSDF Lab have now closed. 

The success of #NSDF20, our fully online festival this April, showed that we are useful where we help connect and continue to create during the time of Corona. 

It also showed that sometimes an online room can be a bigger one. 7800 people were part of the Festival during the week it ran, and with more viewers watching our recorded content, that number has already risen to over 10,000. 

So we want to continue to be useful. 

Now NSDF wants to begin the process of making an entirely new piece of work, that will come to fruition at the Festival in 2021. It might end up being a work in progress show, a full performance or something in between. 

How we get there will be flexible and will depend on the extraordinary circumstances the world faces at the moment. 

But just because we don’t know the precise route doesn’t matter at the moment: the important thing is to begin.

So we’re launching applications for the first stage of NSDF Lab. 

What is Stage One of NSDF Lab?

We are going to put together a group of young artists, and via the magic of the internet run a workshop program in which we create an idea that can be taken forward for the 65th Anniversary NSDF in 2021. 

This is the first part of a longer process: here we will be creating the initial idea. 

So right now we’re looking for people who are interested in that first creative step. 

This stage of the NSDF Lab will be run by Helen Goalen, Ali Pidsley, Nima Taleghani and Sam Steiner. 

The work will be a couple of evenings a week, beginning the week of May 18th and continuing until the end of June. 

Who’s eligible?

Anyone who’s 16-25 and mature students. 

How many people will be part of it?

A maximum of 20 people will be selected for this first phase of the NSDF Lab. 

How do I apply?

We want to find out a little about you. So we’d like you to do two things for us.

  1. First tell us your area of interest: whether it be directing, devising, writing or something in between. 
  2. Then we’d like you to tell us about something you love. You can do this in any form you like. You can make a video, a voice note, write something, do a sketch. Up to you. The only rule is brevity: if it’s a video or a voice note then it must be shorter than one minute. If it’s written down or sketched then it can only cover one sheet of paper, or one side of A4. 


Send your application to us at [email protected] with NSDF LAB in the subject line by 5pm Monday 11th May 2020. 

If you have any questions about your application or about NSDF LAB in general, please contact our Festival Administrator Lizzie Melbourne by email [email protected] or call 07539768087.


Can’t wait to hear from you!