Broken heart

17 April 2019

Liam Rees processes the deep-sinking pain of Yen

Jesus fuck.

Yen is the first show of the festival where I’ve had to take a long walk afterwards to process everything. On that walk I felt a lot of feelings I’ve not felt in a while.


My heart is full of anger

That you care more about the fucking dog

That the boys can never totally relax

“You look just like him”

and she knows how much that hurts Hench

Is this a piece of poverty porn?

That yet another female protagonist’s character

development revolves around sexual assault


My heart is full of sadness.

Because you can’t help everyone

That he’s doing his best and that’ll never enough

Because trauma seems to beget trauma

That Hench’s existence is a potential threat

That Yen can’t seem to help herself

That on the walk home my existence is a potential threat

to any woman walking alone nearby


My heart is full of love.

I know that boy that’s struggling to cope.

I know that boy that doesn’t want to turn into his dad.

I want him to learn to love and be loved.

I want him to be held and to grow

but I don’t want her to have to fix him.
She’s already given enough.


My heart is full of hope.

I’ve seen broken boys learn to love.

I’ve seen girls shattered by sexual assault
rebuild themselves.

I hope to see this broken society build itself up again.

My heart is full of Yen.

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Image credit: Beatrice Debney