Accessibility: hu r u 

Accessibility: hu r u 

26 March 2018

 Technician James Dawson reflects on the first discussion

2017 I came to NSDF, I had never been before, wasn't sure what to think. I had heard of the organised discussions but was too shy and didn't think my views would be accepted by others. 

A year on, I made it a promise to myself: I will attend a discussion at NSDF '18. I feel like I have moved on in theatre and grown. My views count. Along with everyone and anyone who wants to talk or shout about theatre. 

The first discussion, I went alone. Not sure what to think. As the panel spoke, a few words kept popping up: 

I agree with all those words and their context in the discussion. 

However, I didn't feel the discussion was accessible. In the industry that so many of us want to go into, we will come across the phrase, "It's who you know, not what you know". That really resinated during the discussion today. I felt that because my name and others weren't known, our thoughts and feeling weren't accessed. Chris did a brilliant job. He knows people and it's friendly to call people by their name. But I felt that the majority who were spoken to, were called by their nameshe called them. Giving me the feeling that because I didn't know Chris, my thoughts had a lesser chance of being accessed and spoken to others. This mirrors some of the topics we discussed. Giving those who are talented or creative an equal chance, regardless of background. 

I am not sure if I'll go back to discussion tomorrow. Maybe it'll be different?

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