March for our lives

March for our lives

25 March 2018

 Polly Howarth with a message of support for the students in the US marching for gun control

To all the people Marching for Our Lives,

First, I want to say thank you. Thank you for fighting for what you know is right, for what I know is right. No words can express the gratitude I feel towards you – you who are working to keep people I have never met alive. Thank you.

For years now, it has been a goal of mine to contribute towards gun law reform – first in the US, hopefully setting a precedent that will filter through to the rest of the world. Whenever I have voiced this aim, I have been met with similar reactions: "I agree, but is it really plausible?" And I regret to say that more often than not my optimism has shrunk in the face of what appeared to be the impossible reality. But now it grows; now myself and thousands like me have hope in the fact that within the lifetime of a girl born in 2000, US gun law will be reformed. Children across the nation will be safe from trauma and loss that I cannot even begin to comprehend. And this is all because of you; because of your fight, and your love that I cannot even begin to express my respect for. You are changing the world for the better.

I want to tell you how much you inspire me. This has been my ambition for years yet I regret to say it has been something I have delegated to actions for the future. You have taught me there is no time for that. To see change, we must act now as one mind and one body to make this girl’s dreams a reality. And while you are doing more than I ever could, I pledge now, at the National Student Drama Festival in Leicester, England, to further your cause as best I can, to do all I can to support in your fight for life, even if all I can do is say that I care, we care. 

Now, to my fellow students reading this: we were reminded at the Opening Ceremony of the importance of words, the power and meaning they hold. While I agree with this sentiment, the time for words is over. Instead, we must act to ensure the safety or our peers both at home and far away. We must go further in this field than ever before. It is necessary.

We care. We support you.

Love, a hopeful 17 year old

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