where is everyone (from everyone that isn’t here)

where is everyone (from everyone that isn’t here)

25 March 2018

Benjamin Monk is searching for the missing figures

i’ve never been to NSDF so i’m writing this from afar. don’t worry I’ll try to visit.

i’m a 25 year old PhD theatre student so this is the last time I can write this as a #youngperson™.

i’ve been reading through the show entries. hmmm.



how do you engage those that are not engaged


the training that each unique performance society provides is not available to everyone

the training that each unique performance degree provides is not available to everyone

there are rampant inequalities in the set ups of performance societies.


some have one.

some HAVE to have one.

some have 15.

some have umbrella orgs.

some perfs are voted on.

some perfs are nominated.

some socs encourage new work.

some socs do not.

some are led by audience.

some are led by cast size.

some are led by experiment.

some are led by profit.

some are led by cliques.


some people can try loads of perfs.

some people never get the chance.


there are rampant inequalities in the rehearsal / performance spaces available.

Some aren’t allowed to access space. Some have to be part of a formally picked show. Some don’t have enough space available.


not every performance society / student company visits Edinburgh / NSDF


inequality is caused by bad systems, not bad people. discuss.


  1. where is Aberdeen
  2. where is Aberystwyth
  3. where is Bath
  4. where is Bedfordshire
  5. where is Belfast
  6. where is Birkbeck
  7. where is Bolton
  8. where is Bournemouth
  9. where is Brighton
  10. where is Brunel
  11. where is Canterbury
  12. where is Cardiff
  13. where is Chichester
  14. where is Coventry
  15. where is Cumbria
  16. where is Derby
  17. where is East 15
  18. where is East London
  19. where is Edinburgh
  20. where is Essex
  21. where is Exeter
  22. where is Falmouth
  23. where is Glasgow
  24. where is Gloucestershire
  25. where is Goldsmiths
  26. where is Greenwich
  27. where is Guildhall
  28. where is Hertfordshire
  29. where is Huddersfield
  30. where is Hull
  31. where is Kent
  32. where is Kings
  33. where is Kingston
  34. where is Lancaster
  35. where is Leicester
  36. where is London South Bank
  37. where is Loughborough
  38. where is Manchester
  39. where is Middlesex
  40. where is Newcastle
  41. where is Northampton
  42. where is Northumbria
  43. where is Plymouth
  44. where is Portsmouth
  45. where is Queens
  46. where is RADA
  47. where is Rose Bruford
  48. where is Salford
  49. where is South Wales
  50. where is Staffordshire
  51. where is Suffolk
  52. where is Sunderland
  53. where is Surrey
  54. where is Sussex
  55. where is Trinity Laban
  56. where is Twickenham
  57. where is Ulster
  58. where is Westminster
  59. where is Winchester
  60. where is Worcester
  61. where is Wrexham
  62. and dare I say it – where is Cambridge

how is this good

how is this national

how do we fix this


i’m going now. Say hello @BenMonk


P.S. SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES: sorry to focus this on unis. I’m sure your work is FAB <3

P.P.S. DID YOU KNOW: Oxbridge don’t have a theatre department but their student performance is big. WTF?

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