Editorial No. 4

17 April 2019

Florence and Naomi somehow make it through another day

Going to dinner.

Going to lunch.

Potatoes. Potatoes.

Was that on Sunday?

Did that happen yesterday or this morning?

Three issues of Noises Off have already passed through the festgoers hands with their slick covers and hand-stapled spines (big kudos to the tireless work of the Management Team).

We appreciate everything everyone does for Noff; whether you’re an avid reader, a casual peruser, you’re involved in one of the shows we’ve had the privilege and responsibility of reviewing, or you’ve contributed to the magazine (an extra special thank you to you!).

Reviewing isn’t a responsibility any of us take lightly. We pick over shows carefully, spend hours, and where possible, days, thinking, talking and refining before we put pen to paper. We believe honesty, in lots of different forms, has value, as does celebrating what shows here achieve. We’re both makers and critics, so we spend a lot of time thinking about what it means to write a negative review of a piece of art that often dozens of people have poured months, if not years, of their lives into.

The energy, ideas, love that go into the shows we see are of immense value. Our word limits (typically 500 or 850) sometimes feel measly and inadequate. If we could pause and suspend time, we’d write dozens of longform responses to and considerations of every show at NSDF, and more. But the festival rushes ahead, and we have to move quicker and quicker to stay on top of what’s going on.

In this issue you’ll read writers’ responses to Yen (p3-4, 10), Standing Too Close On Our Own In The Dark (p5-7), How To Save A Rock (p13). They get immersed in Magic Hour: The Murder Mystery Disco! (p8-9, 11). On page 12, Emma Rogerson gets stuck in to the Festival Company as their embedded critic, while on page 5, Lucy Thompson looks at the future of shows beyond the festival, asking what it means to have ‘made it’ after NSDF.

On Thursday Noff reverts to its embryonic form and becomes a zine. Issue 6 will be a handmade back-to-basics photocopied magazine. It may turn out a little rough around the edges, but it’ll hold a lot of heart. We want you to come and get involved. Before 14:00 you can come and contribute content – writing / drawing / collaging / photography / a hand-written note - sum up your week at NSDF or highlight something that you feel still needs to be said. Or send us some jokes. Please? We’re craving a good chuckle. We do get a bit delirious up here (see ‘Overheard in the Noffice’ on page 15).

Naomi and Florence xoxo

Google Hangout message from Naomi’s mum: If Florence’s mum can get a mention in Editorial#2, Naomi’s Mum should have one as well ;) :D

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