Noises Off 2018 FAQs

25 March 2018

All your questions about Noises Off answered

How do I write for Noises Off?
Come and visit us in the Noffice on the ground floor of Campus Centre. Or email it to us at [email protected]. Please include your name and your Twitter handle, if you’d like us to share it.

Who is on the team?
Everyone at the festival is welcome to submit a piece, or come and chat through ideas with us, whether you’ve not written since English GCSE or you’re on the Sunday Times bestseller list.

Will it be published in print?
Submitted pieces will be published online. We are not able to publish every piece in print, but we want everyone to have the chance to have their words in print. Noises Off is a space for opinions, however controversial, but we retain the right to refuse to publish something, both online and in print, if it constitutes bullying or low-effort bile. At Noises Off we attack through analysis – either with care to unpick an argument, or with satire to make a point. Straight up bitchiness isn’t welcome.

Can I review even if I’m not a writer?

Does it have to be a certain word length?
To be considered for publication in print, it should be either 350, 500 or 800 words. This can be edited down by us later. Come and have a chat to us about this if you have any questions.

Can I review a show if I’m in another show?

Can I review my own show?
You can write about the experience of being in your show, or other discussions that have sprung from your show, but no, you cannot review your own show.

Do you pay writers?
No, we’re not able to pay our writers.

Do you have a style guide?
I’m so glad you asked. We do, here you go: Noises Off Style Guide.

I’m stuck, can you help?
Yes – come and see us on the ground floor of the Campus Centre.