How much is too much?

How much is too much?

28 March 2018

 James Dawson chews it all over

[Walking] From the disco, a couple drinks down. I see something in the distance. Gold. Bright. Tasty. The giant M stand in front of me. Luring me in. [Purchase] Chicken selects, a double cheese and mozzarella dippers. Starts walking again. Opening my bag of much-needed calories and cheese. [Rip] There they are, the dippers. [Dip] [Bite] [Swallow] Finished. THREE, ONLY THREE. I said aloud. This got me thinking. Was it enough? Do we ever have enough?

Productions on at the festival, varying in length. [Tick. Tick. Tick.] Twenty minutes, was that too short? One hour, was that too long? I wonder if productions would change dramatically and drastically if we changed the length of them. Would the length ever be enough to be able to convey all the ideas wanted to by the artist, enough so they don't ever revise the script or method? [Wonders]

Discussion. A brilliant one-hour safe space to talk about theatre and art. [Now starts eating chicken selects while thinking] One hour isn't enough. Or is it? What would be enough? Can we ever talk about things for too long?

[Pushes button to cross road] I think that my journey home with my warm, filling food, sort of represents our journey with talking about and creating art. If I eat too much food, I'll be full and regret it. If I only have three mozzarella dippers I'll want more

If we talk too much, will it just be hypothetical or will it be practical? If we do a 30-minute show, will this now be too much? Talking about and making practical change in theatre is so essential for our development. Will it ever be enough? I don't think so. I believe there will always be problematic situations that evoke conversation. I believe that we may finish a run of shows and not think it was good enough, could have improved.

[Finishes late night snack] [Thinks] Theatre is brilliant, evolutionary, changes with the time. It will never be enough. But we must be prepared to fight for perfection. We need to strive to reach our peak. [Tick. Tick. Tick.] We get close, but not close enough.

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Photo credit: Giulia Delprato