All taking and no giving?

All taking and no giving?

13 April 2019

Joseph Winer gives some advice on looking after yourself at NSDF (with a little help from Dolly)

I’m super excited to be back at NSDF! I was here in 2016 and 2017 as a general punter – seeing stuff, doing workshops, writing a bit for Noises Off. NSDF is one of the best weeks of the year for me, but it can become a little easy sometimes to be swept up in all the drama. We need to remember to look after ourselves and each other. This industry feels broken sometimes. The world (/country) right now is one big divide. With a little help from Dolly Parton, here’s some tips for surviving the week…

Jump into things! Join in on conversations. Speak up at discussions. Write for Noff. Chat with the facilitators/artists/makers/workshop leaders. Chat with other participants/students. Maybe put yourself a little bit out of your comfort zone (I did this in my first year and it was scary but well worth it). Remember that your opinions are valid. Your voice is important. Let it be heard!

EATTTTTT. Eat some more. Eat some fruit. Have breakfast (although maybe not a full English before your 10am movement workshop…made that mistake a few too many times). Carry around some snack bars for a quick fuel top up whilst you’re running from one show to the next.

EAT THE BOOK. Do some reading. Have some quiet time. Find some grass / a bench / a park. Come read in the Noffice. Read anything. Read a book. Read a magazine. Read Noff (…seriously, PLEASE read Noff 😊)

Spread the love! Spread the support!

We’re all here together. We’re here to learn from each other. Be nice. Make friends.

You’re hopefully gonna see stuff you love. You’re probably gonna see stuff you’re not so keen on. But I think there’s a way to review/reflect/be critical without being cruel.


Check in with each other. If someone’s on their own, say hi. It would’ve meant the world to me when I came alone in 2016.

It’s a tough week with long days and often a lot of mixed emotions.

Let’s build a community. 












Have an incredible week!

Remember why you’re here.

What’s it all about…really?

*Memes I found on the internet. Not necessarily actual Dolly Parton quotes.