Dinner and a show

Dinner and a show

26 March 2018

Ben Kulvichit and Nat Norland take a holistic approach to reviewing at NSDF

Ben: Main menu item on Saturday was chilli and rice, with nachos in cheese sauce. I had the beef chilli, you had the veggie.

Nat: And coleslaw! Which seems worth bringing up because I don't normally like coleslaw. And even if it wasn't exceptional in and of itself, it was exceptionally placed on the coleslaw spectrum.

Ben: Yes. Not loose and watery, but good sturdy coleslaw (maybe a bit under-seasoned, and in a peculiar but not unwelcome twist, spicier than the chilli). The rice, predictably perhaps, was fluffier than I’d like, but hey ho I’m Asian and have high standards. I very much appreciated that the tortilla chips came very enthusiastically drenched in cheese sauce.

Nat: I actually see where you're coming from with the rice, even though I'm much less attuned to the nuances of Asian grain-based cooking.The fact it was so fucking cheap (at least working by other uni canteen standards) more than persuades me to be a little forgiving. The cheese sauce? Here we diverge. I was hoping for nachos with cheese sauce, not cheese sauce with occasional soaking nacho.

Ben: Well, you’re smelly


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