Flapjack: a review

Flapjack: a review

12 April 2017

Tom Robbins investigates whether a Bakewell tart and a flapjack could ever possibly work in combination


Time of Consumption: 13:22, 8th April 2017

Eaten at: Hull Student's Union, Hull

Weather Upon Eating: Glorious sunshine


As a member of Technical Team, we get a packed lunch provided every day. A staple part of this lunch is a piece of flapjack and it is this that I write about here. 


Unwrapping the bar was a quick procedure, perhaps aided by the hunger worked up by building a theatre venue in a seminar room at the university.

The flapjack is topped with a well-distributed layer of white chocolate, attached to the flapjack with a layer of raspberry jam. As well as adding structural rigidity to the bar, the raspberry jam also adds an element of moisture that is most welcome in a bar that has the potential to be fairly dry. This potentially detrimental issue solved, the rest of the bar has a fabulous texture that is only surpassed by the subtle but undeniable flavour of a Bakewell tart.

I will be the first to admit that I wasn't sure how such a classic bakery product would transfer into the flapjack world, but boy have they delivered! As a lover of both Bakewell tart and Bakewell pudding, they have managed to encapsulate the flavour in a bitesize and easy-to-eat bar. If there is one improvement that could be made, it would be the addition of the classic pink-striped icing to really hark back to the roots of the product 

The verdict: 9/10

"The only flapjack that I would actively go out and purchase" - James Bailey (Veteran Flapjack Consumer)

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Photo credit: Giulia Delprato