Michelle Brassiere, Agony Aunt

Michelle Brassiere, Agony Aunt

11 April 2017

Our resident Agony Aunt applies her mental salves 

Dear Michelle Brassiere,

Having arrived at NSDF on Saturday, I'm seriously buzzed by all the opportunities here in the city of Hullture. How do I make sure that I get to see some of Hull without getting serious NSDF FOMO?

All my love,

Hullture Vulture


Dear Hullture Vulture,

It must be extremely daunting to be faced with all that's going on across the city, but fear not! If you missed Henrietta Duckworth's blink-and-you'll-miss-it rundown of all that Hull has to offer in the next 40 years, then the best place to start is the world-famous Armitage Shanks museum. Founded in 1991 by half of 90s UK garage outlet Shanks and Bigfoot, and a human arm, you'll be able to peruse a history of toilets. Or just stick a filter on the picture below, because as we all know, unless you Instagram it, did you even do it?

Always yours,

Michelle Brassiere 

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