Why I have a weird crush on Chris Thorpe...

Why I have a weird crush on Chris Thorpe...

24 March 2016

An anonymous contributor has some rather strong feelings to share with the class.

Why do I love you Chris, let me count the ways:

1) Your all-black-everything outfits. For real, you wore all black before it was trendy. If I were so inclined, I would go so far as to say you are "on fleek".

2) Your sarcastic sense of humour. Your wit is sharper than a knife, quicker than a speeding bullet, and you're so sassy I think Ru Paul would have a run for his money.

3) Your brain. Seriously, nothing is more attractive than intelligence. Honestly, I really fancy your mind.

4) Your passion for theatre. I said so earlier this week to someone else, but nothing turns me on more than good theatre, making good theatre or seeing good theatre being made. Need I say more...

5) Your eyes. It's like they can see into my soul.

6) You are not afraid to have fun. People take themselves so seriously these days, it is SO refreshing to see a man who can be daft and own it. Silly is the new sexy.

7) The way you care so deeply about the NSDF Quiz. Even in the face of adversity and ridicule, you fully commit to the quiz. And commitment is hot.

8) You encourage everyone. You are so kind and welcoming to other people, even if they actually are hella annoying. But that doesn't bother you, cause without the people there wouldn't be passion, and without passion there wouldn't be art.

9) You're an older man. I mean you seem like you'd know what you'd be doing. Wait no, I mean, erm, yeah...

10) Your eyes. Yeah I know I already said that, but seriously those eyes are deep like the ocean man.

Basically to conclude, Chris, I honestly can't tell if I want to be like you or be on you.