Your Letters #1

Your Letters #1

9 April 2017

On arriving at the festival this year, I was distraught to find that nothing was ready. 

There were no MTs to greet me, no shows rehearsing, no students roaming the site, and what should have been black-box theatres were still unconverted sports halls. 

In a panic, I went immediately to the bar to find out what was going on, only to be told that there was no student drama festival booked for this week, instead Lionel Blair would be performing a selection of his greatest hits for an audience of pensioners.

Imagine my embarrassment when I then remembered that the festival was in Hull this year, and I had spent the past 24 hours wandering around Scarborough, looking for the festival!

Michael Brazier
Festival Director

I note with disgust that for the 61st consecutive year, the festival has insisted on retaining “National” in its title, despite the racist connotations associated with the word. Nationalism is no longer some fringe movement that can be ignored. Its proponents are tearing this country apart and leading us all down a very dark path. Describing the festival as “National” not only normalises this kind of hate-politics, it is also a slap in the face to all those who are harmed by this disgusting ideology on a daily basis. It is exclusionary, racist, and should be changed immediately. If the word has to be retained for brand purposes, then it should be qualified by something more politically acceptable. I suggest the “National Socialist Student Drama Festival” as a suitable alternative.

Lucia Hamsack
Durham University

I’ll tell you what I’m sick of – all these smartarse student writers, coming round here, stealing our jobs, snatching money out the hands of us professional playwrights. Some of us have families to feed, you ingrate cunts.

Simon Stephens

I would like to know why the Tech Team all dress in black. Is it simply so that NSDF can distort their diversity stats? I wouldn’t be surprised. #NoSleepTillBrooklyn

Jennifer Daylights
Aberystwyth University


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