It's a bloody big bird

It's a bloody big bird

11 April 2017

Adam Hutton is blown away by pelicans. And mentions Swallow a couple of times too

So that's a fucking beautiful script. My god. Such a moving exploration of humanity and what it means to be alone. God. That was great. And it included a pelican as well! Not enough media does that. The only other I know about is The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me by Roald Dahl. I don't think I've seen a real one, just a drawing by Quentin Blake. 

Just googled it. They are fucking cute. 

Anna (Steph Sarratt) was amazing. The manic energy she embodies throughout coupled with her fragility made for a thoroughly sympathetic character. And Rebecca (Annie Davison) gave an entirely believable performance as a post-dumping human, somewhere we have all been and can emphasise with. Unfortunately, Matt Dormer as Sam was overshadowed by the two powerhouse performers onstage. He improved as the show went on, but never managed to reach their level. The emotional depth reached by the two women was unfortunately not present with him. Which was a real shame, but not something that can't be improved.

Apparently there are more than half a dozen species of pelican! Who knew?!

Anyway, the use of light in the door was really nice, and led to some wonderful moments, mainly involving Sarratt stood in front of it, and raising the brightness of it at the end led to a wonderful total blackness that really suited the ending of the piece. 

Shit! Pelicans can live up to 25 years! What the fuck is that!!!

The minimal design was also really effective. Forcing the focus to be on the performers on stage throughout, which is a wise choice for such a self-reflective piece of theatre. The few moments of actual theatre trickery (the snow) were so fucking great as a result of that.

I am sorry that this is a bit wank, but there really isn't that much to criticise, this was a wonderful show that I really enjoyed watching. Once Dormer gets up to the same level as the rest it will be a really great piece of theatre.

Wow. A pelican's wingspan is five metres... Jesus.

To sum up!

A beautiful script, and strong performers led to a great evening of theatre. 

Stray observations

What was the meaning of the door changing colour? 

What cover of "Chandelier" by Sia is that? I really liked it. Please let me know

Dormer is the king of the am-dram shuffle

Sexy points-: pelican involved - points invalid

Look at that fucking wingspan though. damn son.

Explain a play badly with Josh: A highly trained pelican therapist lifts the spirits of an abused young man, a transphobe and her arts and crafts loving neighbour.

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Photo credit: Giulia Delprato