More limericks with Lilith and knock-offs from Nat: Say it Loud, Pixels and Celebration

13 April 2017

Celebration finally gets what it deserves from Nat Norland. Lilith Wozniak measures her words

Say it Loud

It sometimes is hard just to cope,
When watching the news, with the scope,
Like it cannot get better,
But sometimes a letter,
Can help give us radical hope.

Nothing Is Coming, the Pixels Are Huge

This is a show about seeing,
about how we can keep on still being,
if memories twist,
into such confused list.
A future quite bleak they’re forseeing.


They dance and they sing and they fight,
and as they spin, cling, bodies tight,
A vision of joy,
A girl and a boy,
It’s clear that they’re doing it right.

– Lilith Wozniak


Say it Loud

The show, like this piece, was poetic
Performances loud and athletic
With excellent timing
(But much too much rhyming)
Our crime is to be apathetic.

Nothing Is Coming, the Pixels Are Huge

Lives left in a form computational
A show told in a format durational
The start formulaic
The end elegiac
In short, it was fucking sensational.


This show should not be celebrated 
Dramaturgically constipated
The music was shit
The dancing was shit
When it ended, I was elated.

– Nat Norland

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Photo credit: Giulia Delprato