Technician Impossible 2020 #2

10 April 2020

A bumper edition of Technician Impossible for isolated technicians, by Marina Johnson

Using just your torch on your phone – tell me a story

Using household objects – make a throne to sit upon to watch these streams

Moving pictures? Make us reaction GIF? Or stop motion animation..?

Make us a technical difficulties landing screen

Make us some hold music for the start of streams

Has being stuck at home brought out your making impulse? Show us some of your impressive DIY

I’ve been inside so long I can’t remember what outside is like – can you make us somewhere that's green

I’m sick of Monopoly – can you make us a game to play?

We are sat at our computers all day, and don’t want to run out of an excellent workshop to get a new cup of tea – can you make a mechanism to refill our cuppa?

We miss you guys – we want to be able to send virtual hugs – can you do that for us?

@noffmag / [email protected]