Technician Impossible #4 2017

Technician Impossible #4 2017

12 April 2017

Are you up for the challenge?

Techies, you’ve quite simply outdone yourself. We thought we might get some crumby entries, as our task could have been seen as a recipe for disaster, but this must be what the sweet taste of success is.

The terrifying lifesize sculpture of Chris Thorpe is now looming over us in the NOFFice, his oaty face radiating intensity. Thank you for your dedication to such a tasty cause.

We willingly accept your challenge of taking him on five adventures. (Pics or it didn’t happen.) As this copy goes to print, our editor Richard is taking Thorpe 2.0 home for some alone time.

In return, we offer you a new task:

Build a pixelated version of the painting from Celebration (Riva and Zora in Middle Age by Riva Lehrer).

Inspired both by Celebration and the technical finesse of The Pixels Are Huge, Nothing Is Coming, we expect big (preferably big square) things from you. Think Minecraft. Good luck.

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