Witness the fitness

Witness the fitness

13 April 2017

Day two of the Management Team's exercise routine, and not even unfortunate bra choices can stop them, say Bronwen Davies, Lucy Bird and Martha Owen

The day began as usual. The commute run-time coming in at a rapid 1min 28secs, something we can only dream to beat in the coming week.

Exercise came our way, we didn’t even need to look. Jobs were handed to us right, left and centre. Stage right. Stage left. Centre stage. Soon, we find ourselves engaged in heavy lifting, shifting 26 computers and tech boxes galore from van to workshop room (via lift). Our job done, we triumphantly return to the welcome desk and await the next physical adventure.

Early evening brings a daunting task. Say it Loud’s mid-show Art Attack demonstration has exhausted Spar’s meagre salt-reserves and one of us must take up the baton of seeking more salt, with only half an hour before the doors open. An unfortunate choice of balcony bra transforms the mile-long jog to Tesco and back into high-intensity interval training as one must stop every 50 metres to tuck the girls back in. We make it. The salt restored, the show goes on.

The day’s work done, we prepare to celebrate the good times at the 80s disco. Stopping off on the way to the Johnny Mac at the outdoor gym. The sports cohort now joined by an ever-increasing number of the Management Team, we experiment with circuit-training to enhance the efficiency of the festival.

A quick team photo captures the moment before we sashay into the hall. Here, now, on the dancefloor, we look around, we see an opportunity. We breathe. We lunge. Suddenly, half the room has joined in an impromptu 80s aerobics class.

Only time will tell whether the ensuing night’s debauchery will have an detrimental impact on our dedication to The Fitness.

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