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16 April 2019

Joseph Winer pulls apart the stories of Things We Do Not Know

use of reddit use of other people’s voices come out of actor’s mouths

A          U         T          H         E          N         T          I           C         I           T          Y

This word seems to be in the air this week.

Statistics that tell s t % r i e s

An actor puts a chair on the right spot and another actor thanks them

Audiences as spectators



                        Script readers



movement: arms stretch, rise and      and catch annddd repeat + run and STOP



like a collage of materials in a space. There’s not a clear arc.

and there’s an evolution of movement: hand slaPs to wrist, palm to mouth, fingers through hair

Names on paper with black spray paint. There’s a permanency to the names. It’s not just voices or statistics.


What am I worth? -> Again, the words of other people in the mouths of performers

seven camels a pint of milk a chocolate egg

what is the responsibility of the audience and how is this facilitated?

Responses like this end up getting a laugh or a near-laugh and is this OK or would these answers have been better collected at a later point in the show?


♪ but tonight you belong to me ♪


There’s something almost joyous about this. Song is uplifting. It promises better futures.


hand washing and it’s focussed and there’s a voiceover which sort of distracts a little.

but the hand washing, the care of the performers, the one on one time, a really gentle intimacy against the violent acts of the text

I wanted more of these moments

our act in our hands now, my touch is my touch

our lives are in our palms



the strength of the ensemble

the way the piece moves

an opening gallery

offerings of cups of tea

a poem you can read

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Image credit: Beatrice Debney