The right words, at the right time

The right words, at the right time

12 April 2017

Unable to articulate her own thoughts on Celebration, Phoebe Graham threw a farty to find out what other festgoers thought about it

I tried all day to find the right words to talk about Celebration in a way that would do it justice. And I failed. But what do we do when we fail?

Throw a party, of course.

So that’s what I decided to do. Throw a party, of sorts. A party of feelings – and I invited the whole of NSDF. A feeling party. A farty?

Definition of farty: when feelings and words and thoughts come together in one space and have a fucking great time. (N.B. none of these words are mine).

Happy. Hugged. Grateful. Discombobulated (Fantastically). Provocative. Vertiginous. Emotions. Unpretentious. Bizarre. Honest. Joyful.

I can’t think.

Infectious. Melancholic (Pleasantly). Liberated. Abstract. Beautiful. Sweet. Refreshing. Joyful. Hungry (literally). Forward-looking. Euphoric. Fomo.

Stop stealing my words, Rob.

Insane. Affected (Spiritually). Joyous. Inspired. Bombarded. Surreal. Confused. Thankful. Awesome (Fucking). Free. Good.

It’s like, aagh.

Awe. Jealousy. Cleansed. Confused. Rinsed (out). Thought-provoked. High. Vulnerable. Open. Free. Intrigued. Warm. Happy (really). Sad.

I didn’t see it.

Excited. Friends. YES (aggressive). Excited. Lifted. Uplifted. Free. Intoxicated. Perplexed. Friends. Melancholy. Optimistic. Restored.

Full. Raw. Restored. Woo (contained). Unearthed. Happy-sad. Scorched. Oh gosh. Joyous. Joyous. Joyful. Fuzzy. Comfort. Proud.


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Photo credit: Aenne Pallasca