Dining Al Desko

Performed by: Tightrope Productions

Julie mans the phones and fetches the coffee in the office. While her younger, flashier colleagues file into Pret at lunchtime, or clock off early at 5, Julie stays at her desk, counting her pens and colour-coding her post-it notes: never slacking, never complaining. Julie doesn’t mind moving desks to make way for Trish, the new office intern. Julie doesn’t mind that Trish is now doing all of her work. Julie doesn’t mind swapping her pen and paper for rubber gloves and scrubbing the sta toilets instead - it’s all in a day’s work, after all.

It’s also the day of the annual office audit. Profits are down, the numbers aren’t adding up - and all fingers point to Tom, the one-man finance department. But Tom is nowhere to be seen: the last anyone heard, he had barricaded himself into his office and unplugged the phone.

Hundreds of thousands of pounds have gone missing - and so has the company boss, Mark.

Tightrope Productions are students at the University of Oxford 


Julie: Julia Pilkington

Tom: Christopher Page 


Writer: Alistair Curtis

Director: Philippa Lawford

Producer: Kiya Evans 


Lighting Design: Alex Jacobs

Sound Design: Matthew Jones

Set Design: Isabel Ion

Graphic Design: Issy Davies

With thanks to Kate Weir