Lights Over Tesco Carpark

Performed by: Poltergeist Theatre

October 1957 - Brazilian farmer Antônio Vilas-Boas abducted and forced to mate with alien.

September 1961 - New Hampshire couple Barney and Betty Hill abducted and probed.

August 1992 - Garry Wood and Colin Wright abducted along the A70 and meet small man in black suit.

June 2017 - Several residents report lights over the Magdalen Road Tesco.

Part documentary, part comedy, part gig; Poltergeist Theatre come to the National Student Drama Festival with a play about looking up.

Poltergeist Theatre are students at the University of Oxford 


Alice Boyd

Callum Coghlan

Rosa Garland

Julia Pilkington 


Director: Jack Bradfield

Producer: Charles Pidgeon

Sound Designer: Alice Boyd

Lighting Designer: Linden Hogart 


Ria Parry and John Hoggarth

The North Wall Oxford

New Diorama Theatre

The Yard Theatre

Lights Over Tesco Carpark is a devised work, written and created in the rehearsal room.