The Events

Performed by: St Cuthbert's Drama Society

“I don’t want to understand what happened to me, I know what happened to me. I want to understand what happened to him.”

Claire, a female priest who leads a choir in a community setting experiences something terrible – a young man she vaguely knew turns a gun on those who ‘aren’t from here’ in an attempt to make his mark on society. Inspired in part by the 2011 Norway Terror attacks, The Events is an unflinching look into understanding such horror, and if a community can repair themselves from the unthinkable.

St Cuthbert’s Drama Society are students at Durham University 


Claire: Athena Tzallas

The Boy: Kishore Thiagarajan-Walker

Choir: Emily Skelton

Kimran Rana

Lauren Gardner 

Fionna Monk 

Ginny Leigh 

Elliot Ancona 

Yusuf Berker 

Rhys Rodrigues 

Anson Lyu 

Max Greenhalgh 


Co-Directors: Alice Chambers, Helena Snider-Martin

Producer: Rachel Tan 

Musical Director/Pianist: Rhys Rodrigues

Technical Director: Shannon Moxey