The Search for a Black-browed Albatross

Performed by: The Backpack Ensemble

Tent? Check. Food and water? Check. The unceasable drive to complete your late father’s life-list? Check. When Charlie finds her father’s old birdwatching book, she sets out to find one last bird to complete it for him, for her, and for their relationship.

Built from the performers’ own experiences, Charlie can serve as an avatar for all of us. Will she be able to complete this tribute to her father before it’s too late? There’s only one way to find out.

The Backpack Ensemble presents to you a story full of music, shadows and a feathered giant. 


James Ashfield

Samantha Miles

Simon Panayi

Laura Potente

Elliot Sargent

Jordan Shiel 


Director: Simon Panayi 

Playwright: Samantha Miles 

Producer: James Ashfield 

Musical Director: Jordan Shiel 

Technician: Martin Rousseau 


Thank you to all of the generous individuals that donated towards our crowd funding. Thanks also to Lincoln Performing Arts Centre, University of Lincoln, New Diorama Theatre, Proto-Type Theatre, Third Angel and Egg Box Theatre.