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Date / Time: Sunday 14th April

Duration: 14.00 - 17.00

Venue: Curve Theatre

Practitioner: Alex Duke | Blackout

A Rigging Workshop

Location: Curve Theatre

Join Alex for a rigging workshop, this workshop will be designed around the attendees but will broadly cover the basics of rigging, knots, ropework, building structures, working in the industry both in the UK and internationally and how to get into rigging as a career.

Alex Duke is a multi-disciplined rigger based in the UK with 21 years of extensive experience. Past projects ranging from 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony to West End Theatre. 

Alex joined the project management team at Blackout in 2016 where he has gained a wealth of experience. In late 2018 he became an NRC asessor and now assesses NRC Level 2 and 3.