key information

Date / Time: Monday 15th April

Duration: 11.00 - 13.00

Venue: Leicester Adult Education College

Practitioner: David Byrne | New Diorama Theatre

Arts Council Funding

Location: Leicester Adult Education College

Room: 11

A total crash-course in how to apply to Arts Council England for money. 

What does the Arts Council fund? 

What won't they fund?

What questions will they ask?

How do I answer them?

How do I even apply?

Why do I feel so alone? 

And more!

In a workshop which promises at least THREE jokes, I'll let you in on all the secrets, tips, tricks and short-cuts I've learned for making the case for support to Arts Council England. Total novices welcome.

David is Artistic & Executive Director of New Diorama Theatre. He is an award-winning playwright/director, his latest show SECRET LIFE OF HUMANS sold out audiences in London and Off-Broadway, and is currently playing in Stockholm. David is number 33 on The Stage 100 list of most influential people in theatre, yet struggles to get served in his own theatre bar.