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Date / Time: Sunday 14th April

Duration: 10.00 - 11.30

Venue: Leicester Adult Education College

Practitioner: Mark Shenton

Being a theatre critic & the art and craft of critical writing

Location: Leicester Adult Education College

Room: 2 

Nowadays everyone's a theatre critic -- with blogs, tweets and Facebook, there's an opportunity to broadcast your views far and wide. What marks out and makes a professional critic, though? Mark Shenton, currently President of the Critics' Circle and a long-time critic, talks about the differences -- and offers advice on bridging the gap as we always welcome new and diverse voices to our ranks. Plus offers some tips on what makes a good review.

Mark Shenton is a freelance arts journalist and theatre critic, based in London but travelling frequently to New York. He is theatre critic for and its New York sister site He is currently President of the Critics’ Circle, and also on the board for Mercury Musical Development as well as a trustee for NSDF.