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Date / Time: Thursday 18th April

Duration: 11.00 - 13.00

Venue: Curve Theatre

Practitioner: Ben Stephens | The Albany

Fuck, That's Dangerous!

Location: Curve Theatre

Thinking about dropping lethal darts from the grid to an actors feet and enormous sets with climbing actors to massive pyrotechnics in a teeny tiny performance space? What glamorous paperwork is required and how in reality is that made to work safely onstage.  A whistle stop tour of theatre Health & Safety, working through helpful templates, real life scenarios and a discussion of just how fucking dangerous theatre can be. 

Ben is Head of Production and Premises for the Albany in Deptford, London.   Presenting a huge range of events and participation opportunities each year, across artforms and for all ages and most tastes. Running 6 performance venues in three postcodes. He excitingly sits on the ABTT safety committee and represents the Independent Theatre Council at the national Theatre Safety Committee.