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Date / Time: Wednesday 8th April 3.30pm-4.30pm

Duration: 60mins

Venue: Online (via Zoom)

Practitioner: Rozzy Knox | Middle Child

NSDF 20: #ExecutiveRealness

This is a workshop about skills, strategy and supporting others!  

The role of the executive director often seems a bit of a mystery.  Since becoming one in 2019, I’m a strong advocate that it’s one of the best roles in the industry.

This workshop will introduce you to the mix of skills needed to be an executive director.  Hard skills such as budgeting, contracting, fundraising; and soft skills including leadership, negotiation, communication, and listening; and a lot of creativity - creating strategy, producing, and bringing together innovative teams of people.

Whether you’re a producer, stage manager, technician, actor, lighting designer, sound designer, writer, composer, or none of the above - come along and join a conversation about how we look at business in theatre.


Rozzy Knox (Visiting Artist) is currently the executive director (maternity cover) at Middle Child.  Previously, she was a production assistant then assistant producer at the London Theatre Company where she was part of the inaugural team founding the Bridge Theatre.  Previously Rozzy worked for the finance team for Sonia Friedman Productions and the Ambassador Theatre Group.


Watch this workshop online here: