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Date / Time: Sunday 5th April 5.00pm-6.00pm

Duration: 60mins

Venue: Online (via Zoom)

Practitioner: Michael Lambourne

NSDF 20: Immersive Theatre in Performance

An online explanation of my development and performative experience within the field. This will involve a Q and A for those planning to explore or curious about the world of immersive theatre. An interactive discussion based around performance advice and dramaturgy on the burgeoning world of interactive theatre. A chance to be part of an open forum where no question is too simplistic. Here's a opportunity to ask exactly what you need to know.


Michael Lambourne (Visiting Artist) has been a performer for nearly twenty years. He is a co-creator of the longest running Immersive theatre production ever in the UK, 'The Great Gatsby', originating the role of Nick Carraway. He most recently appeared in Secret Cinema presents Stranger Things as Murray Bauman.


Watch this workshop live here: