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Date / Time: Sunday 5th April 10.00am-11.00am

Duration: 60 mins

Venue: Online (via Zoom)

Practitioner: Sudhanva Deshpande | Thespo

NSDF 20: Theatre of the Indian Streets

I will speak about what it means to perform in the open, in informal spaces, in front of audiences who, for the most part, happen to be there by chance. The talk will use examples from the work of the New Delhi-based theatre group, Jana Natya Manch (Janam for short). Founded in 1973, Janam is India's preeminent street and political theatre group. I will talk a bit about the artistic challenges involved in street theatre, but also about the political challenges, including a brief discussion of the murder of Safdar Hashmi, one of the co-founders of Janam, who was killed while performing a play in 1989. The workshop will also include a Q&A session 


Sudhanva Deshpande (Visiting Artist) has been an actor, director, and organiser with Jana Natya Manch, Delhi, India, since 1987. He works as editor at LeftWord Books, a Marxist publishing house. He cycles around town, when he's not in forced pandemic isolation.


Watch this workshop live here: