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Date / Time: Tuesday 16th April

Duration: 11.00 - 13.00

Venue: Curve Theatre

Practitioner: Alan Lane and Joanna Resnick | Slung Low

Running a Pay What You Decide Venue, Running a mouthy theatre company, Running a Cultural Community College and Doing it All at Once

Location: Curve Theatre, Slung Low Bus 

A workshop with the Producer and Artistic Director of Slung Low about making stuff happen and keeping the plates spinning. A practical discussion about getting shit done and leadership in challenging conditions.

Alan Lane is Artistic Director of Slung Low. They make large-scale, out-door, political people’s theatre: often on fire, sometimes on water. He helps run a Pay What You Decide theatre in South Leeds and a Cultural Community College out of the oldest working men’s club in Britain now a community club, The Holbeck.

Joanna Resnick is the Producer of Slung Low. She oversees all of the company’s productions and leads the team in the management of The Holbeck and the Cultural Community College.