Composite image of NSDF audiences in their seats with a purple blue hazy background

How to Enter a Show

NSDF exists to make things. 

We welcome all new ideas of how to work, and believe in the capacity and necessity of supporting the innovation of young people. 

We know the last few years have come with immense challenges for young people who wish to make new art. But we also know young artists will come up with brilliant ideas to make new things in safe ways, using new technology or old. The way theatre is made at NSDF by young artists will become the blueprint for the industry!

“NSDF has been an undeniably huge springboard in our development. The contacts we made have been invaluable to us, and we became part of a whole new circle of friends that are passionate about supporting one another and seeing each other grow. The workshops, performances, discussions and over all experience is so forward thinking and inspiring. NSDF is really one of the most exciting places to be for young theatre makers”
Grace Gallagher, Artistic Director of Ugly Bucket

Enter your show