How to Enter a Show

NSDF exists to make things. 

We welcome all new ideas of how to work, and believe in the capacity and necessity of supporting the innovation of young people. 

We know the pandemic creates immense challenges for young people who wish to make new work in the next few months. But we know young artists will come up with brilliant ideas to make new things in safe ways, using new technology or old. 

Therefore although at the moment we cannot- as we have for decades- come to you and see your show in person, we want to hear from you. 

Although we cannot see your work live we will find ways to experience it, with the view to selecting shows for NSDF 22. 

“NSDF has been an undeniably huge springboard in our development. The contacts we made have been invaluable to us, and we became part of a whole new circle of friends that are passionate about supporting one another and seeing each other grow. The workshops, performances, discussions and over all experience is so forward thinking and inspiring. NSDF is really one of the most exciting places to be for young theatre makers”
Grace Gallagher, Artistic Director of Ugly Bucket

We want you to contact us with ideas for work you would like to present at the Festival and we will find a way to discuss the idea and see if it will work for NSDF 22. 

And because of the pressure of the pandemic this year it will be completely free to enter you work this way. 

And of course we will continue to make sure you get feedback from our brilliant associates. 

NSDF is constantly monitoring all government advice about the practicalities and safety of attending performances around the country. 

So if you have an idea, a piece of work or even a wondering please contact us below with any query about work you are making that you would like us to see. 

Enter your show

Got a project you want to chat about with the team at NSDF? Let us know. 

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