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2018 Entries

 The entries for the 2018 Festival so far...


  1. The Real Thing by Tom Stoppard, produced by Southampton University Theatre Group.
  2. 100 by Neil Monaghan, produced by Southampton University Theatre Group.
  3. Heart's Desire by Caryl Churchill, produced by Kingsway Players at the University of Chester.
  4. Breaking a new play by Katstubh Jalundhwala, produced by Southampton University Theatre Group.
  5. Equus by Peter Schaffer, performed by Open Theatre, students at Leeds University.
  6. Trainspotting by Irvine Walsh and adapted by Harry Gibson, performed by Nottingham New Theatre.
  7. The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, performed by Fourth Wall at Durham University.
  8. Things We Do Not Know a new play by Kate Wyver, performed by Process Theatre.
  9. Festen by David Elridge, produced by Southampton University Theatre Group.
  10. Our Temple a new play by Iona Hampson, produced by Nottingham New Theatre.
  11. A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare, performed by Duodecim at John Mason Secondary School.
  12. The Infinity Mirror a new adapted play by Jolley Gosnold, produced by Here Now Ensemble at the University of Arts London.
  13. can't stop can't stop a new play by Samuel Ross of Sheffield University.
  14. Kinder K a new play by Kristofer Gr√łnskah, produced by Cut The Cord at University of Arts London.
  15. Perplex a new play by Marius von Mayenburg and Maja Zade and produced by Ewa Borowska from Drama Centre, London.
  16. Signal a new play by Ed Brown and produced by UEA Drama Society at University of East Anglia.
  17. Pomona by Alistair McDowall and produced by Nottingham New Theatre.
  18. Barricade a new play by Flora Wilson Brown and produced by Watch This of University of Birmingham.
  19. Into The Woods by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine produced by Bodens College of Performing Arts in Hadley Wood, Greater London.
  20. Instruct a new play by Rayanne Byrne at Buckinghamshire New University.
  21. Tainted Blood a new play by Jade Williams at Buckinghamshire New University.
  22. Where's The Manual a new play by Katelyn Collins at Buckinghamshire New University.
  23. 1001010 a new play by Stevie Thomas at Buckinghamshire New University.
  24. Seeking Intimacy a new play by Eve Allin, produced by Freshblood Theatre at the University of Warwick.
  25. Lego Beach a new devised piece by INKBLOC Ensemble from Bristol.
  26. The Will by Marivaux (translated by Michael Sadler) and produced by Foppish Theatre Company.
  27. Rock and Hunt a new play by Helena Jacques-Morton, produced by Sonder Theatre Company. 
  28. Edges a musical by Pasek and Paul, produced by Durham University Light Opera Group.
  29. Swan Bake a new work devised and performed by Second Sons.
  30. Buried: A New Musical written, performed and produced by Colla Voce Theatre.
  31. Games and After Liverpool by James Saunders, performed and produced by Blind Elephant.
  32. Spring Awakening: A Reimagining by Mixtape Theatre Company.
  33. Lights Over Tesco Carpark a new play devised by Poltergeist Theatre from the University of Oxford.
  34. The Search for a Black-browed Albatross a new play devised by The Backpack Ensemble at the University of Lincoln.
  35. Violet a musical by Brian Crawley and Jeanine Tesori, performed by ArtsEd 6th Form Musical Theatre Company.
  36. The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde, performed by Barely English Theatre Company at the University of Roehampton.
  37. My Mate Dave Died, a new play by Mike Alexander, performed by Sheffield University Theatre Company.
  38. Portents, a new play by Nat Norland and Sam George and performed by Why This Sky? at the University of Warwick.
  39. 100 Ways to Tie a Shoelace a new play devised by and produced by Forget About The Dog at the University of Leeds.
  40. Drunk Enough To Say I Love You by Caryl Churchill produced by Warwick University Drama Society.
  41. A Safe Place To Hide a new play by Louise Johns and produced by Open Theatre Society in Leeds.
  42. Here's To You a new play by Alex Carr and Dominique Daly produced by The Colkin Collective at John Moore's University, Liverpool.
  43. The Picture of Dorian Gray adapted by John O'Connor and Merlin Howard and produced by SUSU Theatre Group in Southampton.
  44. Picnic At Hanging Rock by Joan Lindsey and adapted by Tom Wright and produced by Pitch Productions at the University of Durham.
  45. The Fun Club written and produced by The Fun Club from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.
  46. The 39 Steps by Patrick Barlow based of the book by John Buchan and produced by Sheffield University Theatre Company.
  47. Speed Death of the Radiant Child by Chris Goode and produced by Warwick University Drama Society.
  48. The Taming of The Shrew by Shakespeare and produced by Queen Mary Shakespeare from Queen Mary University, London.
  49. Rent by Jonathan Larson and produced by Durham University Light Opera Group.
  50. Hatch a new play written and produced by Sarah Carton and staged at the University of East Anglia.
  51. MOSCOS a new play by Lion Theatre Company at Durham University.
  52. Paper Cranes a new play by Nat Henderson and produced at the New Theatre Nottingham.
  53. Macbeth by William Shakespeare and produced by Article 19 Theatre at the University of Birmingham.
  54. Timon/Titus by William Shakespeare based on the plays by Shakespeare and written by Collectif OS'O, translated by Ben Standish and produced at the New Theatre Nottingham.
  55. Collaborators by John Hodge and produced at the New Theatre Nottingham.
  56. Five Kinds of Silence by Shelagh Stephenson and produced at the New Theatre Nottingham.
  57. BU21 by Stuart Slade produced by Castle Theatre Company at Durham University.
  58. The Last Five Years a song cycle by Jason Robert Brown and produced by Tone Deaf Theatre Company at Durham University.
  59. Replay by Nicola Wren produced at the New Theatre Nottingham.
  60. Grounded by George Brant and produced by Lion Theatre Company in Durham.