key information

Date / Time: Thursday 13th April

Duration: 3 Hours

Practitioner: Psyche Stott

How to Run a Workshop


A workshop can be created on just about anything, for just about anyone, but how do you do it and who is it for and what is its purpose?– This is for anyone who has an idea they want to explore but need the tools to know how to create a workshop to explore it. It’s for anyone who thinks they might want to lead workshops in the future but not sure how to go about it. As a theatre maker or artist understanding how to run a workshop to explore a creative idea can be an invaluable tool. As an actor it can be an invaluable skill to keep your actor muscles active in between auditions. We will be working practically both as participants and facilitators exploring how to structure a workshop and deliver a workshop with tips and tricks along the way – by the end of the session you will have the beginnings of your own tool kit.


Psyche is a freelance director and NSDF Selector.