An image of Ben Miller as Lord Featherington from Bridgerton. He is a white male, with a beard and short hair. He wears a regency style green suit jacket with an orange and green waistcoat. Our the image in white writing on a black background it reads ‘The Sunday Times is pleased to continue its support for the National Student Drama Festival. Ben Miller, actor, Birdgerton, Netflix 2020: National Student Drama Festival, 1990. The Sunday Times Culture: Best for Theatre and the Arts.

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In an industry that can be notoriously closed off to outsiders, NSDF is a huge lifeline for people like me; it breaks boundaries, creates opportunities, generates self-confidence and inspires careers. When I began my journey into the arts I knew no one in the industry and had no experience of it. Today, I have both and call myself a writer because of NSDF.
Mohammed Barber, NSDF Alumni and LAB Participant

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