How To Save a Rock

Performed by: Pigfoot Theatre

Devised by Pigfoot Theatre


Quick catch-up:

  • We've got four years to save the world.
  • Half a degree out, millions of lives are at risk.
  • There’s only one polar bear left.
  • We're going to save him.


A carbon-neutral show, powered by bike and solar-power, which asks how climate breakdown will affect us – and how to still have hope.


Showing Times
Date Time Venue Ticket price
Monday 15 April 16:00 Curve 3 £5.00
Monday 15 April  19:45 Curve 3 £5.00
Wednesday 17 April  16:00 Curve 2 £5.00
Wednesday 17 April  20:00 Curve 2 £5.00


To book tickets for this show, please ring the NSDF office 020 70369028 or email [email protected]



Coco- Anushka Chakravarti

Jamie- Alex Rugman 

Flora- Nancy Case

Tilly- Lara Deering



Director- Bea Udale-Smith

Producer and Assistant Director- Conky Kampfner

Assistant Producer- Kitty Hatchley

Technician- Junming Samuel Liu

Sound Designer - Sarah Spenser