Performed by: Fourth Wall Theatre

Written by Gary Owen 


In a new gaming experience, players are rewarded for torturing victims, scoring points for “creativity”.

But it isn’t sick. Yes, you can live out your darkest fantasies, but you don’t escape their consequences.

Out on the streets, not everybody agrees.

“There is an instinctive revulsion against taking a human life. And that revulsion can be conquered.”



Paul - Barney Mercer 

Davey - Jack Firoozan 

Alan - John Broadhead 



Director - Elliot Ancona 

Assistant Director - Alice Chambers 

Producer - Victoria Ng

Technical Director - Tristan Ashley 

Assistant Producer - Aliya Gilmore 

Creative Consultant - Hetty Hodgson 



Fourth Wall Theatre presidents - Hetty Hodgeson, Jack Whitmore, Charlie Whitehead 

Durham City Theatre 

Kate Barton 

Kimran Rana 

Mark Norton 

Sophie Wright