Magic Hour: The Murder Mystery Disco!

Performed by: Quick Duck Theatre

Written by Will Jackson 

There’s a murder on the dance floor and we need you to solve it. Magic Hour is an interactive, farcical, queer thriller. Come and infiltrate the nightclub, grill its staff and clientele and see if you have what it takes to find out who’s behind the crime. With ghosts, time-machines and a killer on the loose there's no time to lose... Your Disco Needs You! 



The Clientele 

Sterling Dollair - Lucy Bird 

Cheetah Torfurkey - Jack Davies 

Cecile Foxtrot - Flora Wilson Brown 

Hans Summer - Taylor Herbert 

Kevin Coprolite - Antonia Strafford-Taylor 

Suzette D'Audience-Member - TBC 


The Pompians 

Tracey Deisel - Eleanor Rattenbury 

Stacey Delorian - Darcy Dobson

Gracey Mercedes - Emma Phelan 

Beryll Carname - Charlotte Boyer 

Samatha de Pompidou - Will Jackson 

The Great Alonzo - Lucy Price 

The Glamorous Isabella - Lydia Stone 

Studley Davis - ZoĆ« Head  

Madame Lola - Laurs Oakley 

Clive Ammunition - Chaz Webb 

Martin Sparks - Kirsty Bennett 


The Emergency Services 

Chief Inspector Gurnings - Kat Forbes 

Alan Totters - Abigail Greenwood

PI Runcorn - Rachel Baker 

PI Wicks - Abbie Cooper 

Dr Colin Bradford - Meabh Quinn 

Dr Betsy Conybere - Jack Beresford 



Writer and Director - Will Jackson 

Producer and Associate Director - Lucy Bird

Associate Producer - Carly McIntosh 

Assistant Producer - Emily Horn 

Stage Manager - Chaz Webb 

Lighting Designer - Kirsty Bennett


Quick Duck Theatre are a Birmingham based theatre company. They make interactive shows with a fun and comic twist to create unforgettable live experiences. 



Magic Hour: The Murder Mystery Disco! is a recipient of the 2018/19 NSDF Pickles Fund from the New Diorama Theatre. Special thanks to New Diorama Theatre, Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Barry's Fabrics, Cherry Reds, The Bristol Pear and the University of Birmingham's Drama & Theatre Arts Department.