Magic Hour: The Murder Mystery Disco!

Performed by: Quick Duck Theatre

Written by Will Jackson 



The Clientele 

Sterling Dollair - Kalifa Taylor 

Cheetah Torfurkey - Jack Davies 

Cecile Foxtrot - Flora Wilson Brown 

Hans Summer - Taylor Herbert 

Kevin Coprolite - Antonia Strafford-Taylor 

Suzette D'Audience-Member - TBC 


The Pompians 

Tracey Deisel - Eleanor Rattenbury 

Stacey Delorian - Darcy Dobson

Gracey Mercedes - Emma Phelan 

Beryll Carname - Charlotte Boyer 

Samatha de Pompidou - Will Jackson 

The Great Alonzo - Lucy Price 

The Glamorous Isabella - Lydia Stone 

Studley Davis - Zoe Head 

Madame Lola - Laurs Oakley 

Clive Ammunition - Chaz Webb 

Martin Sparks - Kirsty Bennett 


The Emergency Services 

Chief Inspector Gurnings - Kat Forbes 

Alan Totters - Sarah Allwright 

PI Runcorn - Rachel Baker 

PI Wicks - Abbie Cooper 

Dr Colin Bradford - Meabh Quinn 

Dr Betsy Conybere - Jack Beresford 



Writer and Director - Will Jackson 

Producer and Associate Director - Lucy Bird

Associate Producer - Carly McIntosh 

Assistant Producer - Emily Horn 

Stage Manager - Chaz Webb 

Lighting Designer - Kirsty Bennet 


Quick Duck Theatre are a Birmingham based theatre company. They make interactive shows with a fun and comic twist to create unforgettable live experiences. 



Magic Hour: The Murder Mystery Disco! is a recipient of the 2018/19 NSDF Pickles Fund from the New Diorama Theatre. Special thanks to New Diorama Theatre, Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Barry's Fabrics, Cherry Reds, The Bristol Pear and the University of Birmingham's Drama & Theatre Arts Department.