Standing Too Close On Our Own In The Dark

Performed by: Just Club Theatre

 Written by Jake Marsden 


Standing Too Close on our Own In the Dark is a gig-theatre event which is as vibrant and hopeful as it is melancholic - a romantic tragedy which sees its performer labour over a journal of original poetry and comedic monologue with encouragement from a live band



Performer – Jack Chamberlain

Musician 1 – Jake Marsden      

Musician 2 – Jamie Nowell


Director – Matthew Collins        

Writer – Jake Marsden

Technical Stage Manager – Jamie Nowell



Standing Too Close on Our Own in the Dark is a recipient of the 2018/19 NSDF Pickles fund from New Diorama Theatre. Special thanks to Helen Goodman & Sarah Penney from the Absolutely Cultured’s Hull Independent Producer Initiative, David Byrne of New Diorama Theatre & Andy Brady. Finally, thank you to Middle Child for inspiring us, awarding us their First Show Fund and for their on-going support.


(Photographer credits: EHD Photography)